Stoneybrook Foundation therapy horses and ponies are our most important asset. They are the silent, yet expressive teachers; they are the motivators. They are the reason we can help change lives.


Buck is a 2006 Kentucky/Rocky Mountain Horse gelding. He was named Buck by his owner and Stoneybrook Foundation founder John McCain, because of his beautiful buckskin coloring. Buck is a gaited horse, which means he has an extra smooth gait that differs from the gaits of most horses.


Bear is a 2007 Appendix Quarter Horse gelding. Although he began his working career as a ranch horse, Bear seems to like the transition to being a therapeutic riding horse. He loves taking students on trail rides. Right now he works with several of our more advanced students, and will be working in more lessons as his arena experience grows.


Pixie is a 2003 North American Sport Pony mare. She loves to jump and was the show partner of a young girl before coming to the Stoneybrook Foundation. Pixie is gentle with beginner students, and challenges her more advanced riders. With her loud whinny and bubbly personality, she is one of our most popular ponies.


Speckles is a 1994 Miniature Horse mare who has several important jobs. You may see Speckles in the community as a therapy animal ambassador. She teaches our smallest students to lead and groom a horse safely. She can even pull a cart for exercise! Speckles is owned by our founder, John McCain and although she may be small she has a big personality!


Bria is a 1999 Norwegian Fjord mare. Fjords are the oldest recorded purebred horse breed in the world. Bria came to us with a background in dressage. Because of her gentleness, patience and very smooth gaits, she is a favorite for learning to trot and canter. Although she is shy with other horses, she will gladly look for carrots in your pocket.


Gin is a 2002 Quarter Horse mare. Before coming to the center, she was a Western riding horse. Now she exhibits her patience and versatility by working in lessons ranging from walking on a lead line with some of our youngest, most inexperienced students to cantering with some of our more advanced students.


Luka is a 2009 Appendix Quarter Horse mare. She is owned by a student, Sophie Papurello, but Sophie is kind enough to share her with our program! Luka has a background in Western pleasure, but now teaches students to post the trot in an English saddle. She loves attention, and will come over to visit as soon as she spots you.


Simon is a 2000 Tennessee Walking Horse gelding. He is a gaited horse, which means he has a unique four-beat running-walk and flashy movement. Simon loves to be outside, whether grazing in the field or taking students on trail rides. His favorite treat is bananas!


Cadence is a 2001 Percheron mare. Although she is the biggest horse at the center, she is also one of the most gentle. Because of this gentle nature, her job here is to help build riders’ confidence. She also loves attention! Prior to her arrival, Cadence gave people buggy rides in Virginia Beach and then locally did fox hunting.


Dandy is a 2007 gray Appendix who is owned by Haley Hutchinson. He has been training in the English Discipline, and is eager to learn new things. Dandy enjoys his job as a therapeutic riding horse and loves the attention. He has a friendly personality, and is always welcoming to anyone who stops to visit him.


Key is a 2007 all black Paint mare. Key is unique in that she doesn’t have any distinguishing markings beyond her white star, like most Paints do. She is a former Western Pleasure show horse, and is now working as a therapy horse. Key is owned by Kayla Umbaugh and is a very gentle horse.